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                Henan times hoisting co., LTD

                ??Crane co., LTD., founded in 1993 in henan province era.After more than 20 years Practice, precipitate a batch of follow enterprise growth, skill and experienced senior engineers, technicians and skilled technical workers.Enterprise's experience and talent Wisdom..

                • Chain electric hoist
                • Modular suspension crane
                • Slewing crane
                • Balance machine
                • Mobile cranes
                • Lifting accessories
                Pneumatic chain hoist Pneumatic chain hoist
                KBK pneumatic chain hoist system KBK pneumatic chain hoist system
                Double chain hoist Double chain hoist
                The KPK chain electric hoist The KPK chain electric hoist
                PDH (fixed) chain electric hoist PDH (fixed) chain electric hoist

                Address:Yin Gang industrial zone

                Email address: shidaiss@163.com

                Tel: 0373-8410156 0373-8410358 400-0373-288

                fax:0373-8410686 record card number:ICP for13006245